the world ends because of…lack of carbon dioxide

June 2, 2009

This just in from Science Magazine News:

Sometime between 100 million and 1 billion years from now, Earth will have lost so much carbon dioxide from its atmosphere that plants and trees will literally begin suffocating, eventually taking all life with them. In a new study, researchers propose one way to delay this Armageddon: reduce the pressure of the atmosphere, effectively creating conditions where we all feel like we’re living at high altitudes.

Huh…I always thought the earth would perish because of too much carbon dioxide. Apparently the perpetrator are rocks!

The compounds somehow turn carbon into bicarbonate and pull it out of the biosphere. If the trend continues, researchers have found, Earth would not be able to sustain photosynthesis for more than about a billion years.

Those damned rocks. I always knew they’d be our downfall. The article suggests that to forestall this apocalypse, some future version of us should reduce the air pressure by pumping nitrogen out of the atmosphere.

Better idea: let’s just drive a bunch of four-wheelers around a lot and build some coal (dirty, not “clean”) power plants.

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