a digression on style

July 19, 2009

I had the pleasure to attend a black tie optional wedding last night and was dismayed to see how many of the men (mostly of younger age) were sporting fake (pre-tied with a clip) bow ties. I felt sorry for them.

Not knowing how to properly tie a bow tie is somewhat shameful, in my opinion, akin to not knowing how to build a fire. It’s not that hard to learn. Here’s what I think is the best video tutorial:

If you prefer, I think these step by step instructions are pretty good.

So man up, take 30 minutes, practice tying your bow tie in the mirror, and regain your dignity. Then you too can rock the stylish untied bow tie look at the end of the night.

Some may accuse me of being stodgily old school, but the correct collar for black tie is the turn down collar. The winged collar is the domain of white tie and tails.

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